No Video Games – Think Again!

One day, a 9 year old boy was forced by his mom to stop playing video games. They had argued for a moment. Mom said that computer games definitely will not do any good and it’s all about mindless violence. Mom fears that her son’s life will be distracted by the fact that the boy would spend most of his time in front of the screen, without having any time to interact with outside world and learn about something useful. The boy could only shut his mouth, glancing to his screen and wonder when his mom will stop talking.

The occasion described above is happen commonly even in our family. Parents tend to limit their child gaming time as much as they can. In their mind, there will be no knowledge could be learned from video games except violence, brutality, sex, guns, and all the bad things. Yet, most of the children are powerless toward their parent. In most of the occasion, children will take a lose side in that battle, they simply obey what mom order and stop playing, even though in their heart the desire to continue playing is agonizingly high.

If we try to looking from outside the box – and keep the myth that parents are always right aside – we will see that despite all the moaning about goggled eyes and mindless violence, video games are a good thing that have been integrated to family life. In addition, its popularity is increase rapidly faster than any other form of entertainment. So who’s right in this endless debate? Children or parents?

Steven Johnson, author of the book Everything Bad is Good For You, has said that what could be matters from video game is their form, and not their content. Parents often miss the fact that through his interaction to digital world, children will be more aware to the world. They will learn to explore the world and even be more curious toward it. Let’s forget the fact that children might learn to drive car carelessly, they actually will learn about economic from The Sims, learn about strategy from Command Conquer, and learn about team work and strong coordination when they play Counter Strike in multiplayer mode. Even in such game like Flight or Train Simulator, children will learn how to fly a Boeing, Airbus, or about signal traffic systems use in real railroad technology. Furthermore, research by scientist from Oxford University has claimed that playing the video game “Tetris” after a major shock could reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, although there’s still a lot to be done to translate this experimental science result into a potential treatment.

Currently, the staggering success of Nintendo Wii has brought a new paradigm of playing video game: Brain Training for your mind, sight training for your eyes, and physical training for your body. We can play golf as Tiger Woods did, play tennis with Roger Federer in your own living room; even learn to stop smoking by following Allen Carr’s method. With the help of mainstream, games now move into far more social stage, not only play online but now friends gathering in living rooms to dance, sing karaoke, play quizzes or pretend to be in rock bands.

Unfortunately, the story is not end there. Games are still have some drawbacks and could cost people physically. The stiffened joints and gnarled fingers that result from an overly lengthy session with a joypad, or the muscular strains that plague enthusiastic users of the Wii are some of the counterbalance that follow the mental benefits generated by video games. That’s why, a self and time control while playing games is highly necessary. The most important thing is to relax during gaming, since most of people tend to be carried away when playing games. They get frustrated when lose and become addicted when win. Remember, games are just tools for entertainment; they have nothing to do with your pride and your real life. Becoming a smart gamer is really an option.

In the upcoming future, as the world become more uncertainty and economic recession continues, people will be keener than ever to escape into other world-such as video game. There’s nothing wrong about it, but once again, a self control is needed so that we will not become an addicted gamer that only think about his game instead of his real life. By the time goes on, no answer will be satisfying enough to answer our question in the beginning. Who’s right? Children or Parents? The easiest way to answer is: both sides are right, and both should use their arguments to control each other.

Playing Mind Games on Your iPhone – Mind Actuated Mobile Gaming Has Arrived

It’s already happening isn’t it? Yes, the future of online gaming is moving at a very rapid pace. Each time a new technology comes forth it is instantly integrated into our mobile smart phones or tablets. The gaming community is also immediately grabbing those technologies and finding new applications for them. For instance the 4G wireless technologies are allowing videoconferencing, and the gaming communities are already using that as well.

The medical industry has developed technology to monitor stroke patients, and help those who have lost limbs use their mind to control their computers. All of this too is being integrated into mobile technologies and mobile tablets. With all these technologies the gaming community has harnessed their power and is now using these systems to allow gamers to control the game by using thought alone. That’s right they are using human brains to control the game within the computer.

There was an interesting blog post recently at MIT’s Technology Review Online Blog Network – an article titled; “This Is Your Brain on iPhone – A Series of Apps Use Your Brain Waves to Power Them. Welcome to the Era of DIY EEG” by David Zax posted on May 3, 2011.

It is amazing how fast these technologies are moving, and soon we will have holographic projection technology within a few generations of the iPad. In fact, Apple and several other companies have already introduced and filed patents on holographic technology to be used in mobile devices. It’s all coming and it’s already in the pipeline, and it will be here within five-years or less. Not only will it be here, but it will be mass-produced, and everyone will be able to use it.

Best of all since all this will be mass produced, these games may cost less than five dollars per unit, and that price will continue to come down. Eventually it may only be five dollars to play a host of different games on your iPad without using a joystick or controller, only using your own brainwaves in your own mind. This will surely lead the way to navigating on your tablet without touching the screen, or speaking a word into the speech recognition system.

Yes, it’s true you will be using your brainwaves to power your avatar within the game on your tablet, while sipping on a Frappachino at Starbucks, in a gaming community with tens of thousands of other people all over the world doing the same thing. And it will all be displayed on a holographic image right in front of you. Imagine that? That is the future, and I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Most Anticipated New Video Games of 2012

2012 is finally here and that means one thing; new video games. 2012 has a multitude of amazing games that will be coming out, just in the first quarter alone. A lot of this is due to delays of games that were meant for the fall, but that’s OK because it’s an ease on all of our pockets! But there are a lot of great titles coming out that any gamer will want to keep an eye out for.

Of the closer releases, the biggest one, hands down, is Mass Effect 3. The last in the trilogy sci-fi epic, it’ll be released March 6th of this year. The game brings Shepard and his (or her) crew to Earth to fight in a final battle with the Reapers who are planning on harvesting humans and otherwise wiping them and other whole galaxies out. As in the last, the game will allow carrying over of saves so that players can continue as their Shepard, where their decisions affect the final outcome of the game. It’s been confirmed there will be the return of a lot of beloved characters from past games as well as a tweaked battle system and even multiplayer.

Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City is another major contender for the spring, coming out March 20th. Single player will have players take the role of an Umbrella Security Service member, though multiplayer will give wider options, letting players be the USS, US Special Operations, or even zombies themselves. The game is going to let players make major decisions in single player mode, including the possibility of killing off main character from past Resident Evil games.

Other games coming out with no confirmed release dates as of yet are Silent Hill: Downpour, Diablo 3, Bioshock: Infinite, and Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. All of these upcoming video games are the most talked about titles for 2012. Notice how all of them are franchise sequels and not unique IPS, which means the gaming world really loves sticking to what they know and their fandom. And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. A few of these games have been waited on for years (Diablo 3, for example) and so there’s a lot of pressure on them to be the kind of product people are expecting.

It’s bound to be a very exciting year for new video games in general. You might want to set your budget now because there are going to be a lot of must have titles before we even hit the summer!

Now Earn For the Things You Love – Get Paid to Play Games

Whenever our parents remind us to take up a job we dream of those jobs which will be a perfect combination of our passion and a good pay package. But to everyone’s horror such jobs are really scarce in the world. That’s why most of us end up with jobs we don’t like. But here is good news for you! If you are a serious gamer, then you have struck gold. Seriously, this tech savvy era has brought a unique opportunity for all you gamers to take up a career in games. Get paid to play games is the latest buzzword among the enthusiastic gamers all around the world.

As get paid to play games option is available online so it does not matter what your country of residence is. Whether you are in the United States or in Russia or in India you can easily take up such a job. Moreover you have the flexibility to do it on part-time or full-time basis. So, along with enjoying your favourite games you can earn handsome amounts month after month just by playing games and that too from the comfort of the soft sofas in your home.

You need not worry if you are not a serious gamer. To take up playing games as a career you do not require being a gaming giant. Rather you should have an eye for details about the things you do, you play or you like. It is a proven fact that we can point out the faults in an object or matter we love to do. So, it is a certainty that if you really love to play games then you can easily figure the faults in a game. This is the thing expected from you by your gaming employer. They want you to detect any kind of loopholes in the newly developed games while you play them on a paid basis. This is the core of the get paid to play games jobs.

With the rapid expansion of globalisation and sedentary lifestyles in the world more and more people are spending much of their private time with their PCs or gaming consoles. So, the gaming companies are cashing on this trend. For that purpose, they are developing more and more games every year. But to succeed in the endeavour the games must be error-free. The only option available for these companies is to appoint gamers who can specifically point out the drawbacks in a new game. That’s why you can see the golden opportunity of a gaming career standing right in front of you.

So, stop searching for a typical job. Rather get immersed in the stylish world of gaming without spending a minute more. Grab a ‘get paid to play games’ position now and delete all your career related worries.

Video Games As A Form Of Expression

In this day and age, where more people than ever opt to stay in and play video games, it is easy for critics to blindly state that the joyful freedom of expression that we gain from activities such as soccer, music, or perhaps painting for example, has been lost. However, due to the advancement in technology, the very video games that have been slammed by many, now have the power to allow the user to create and express themselves in the company of an unprecedented number of people.

Gone are the days of “Pong” and “Donkey Kong” where you were limited to simplistic actions. These have been replaced instead by sophisticated games which allow the user to act in such a way that the possibilities of what you can do are almost endless. Popular games such as the “FIFA” series allow the player to pull off a multitude of complex moves with undetermined end results, meaning that the scope of what you can do is truly enormous. The joy of planting the ball in to the top corner after a superb flowing move is an incredible sensation, something beautiful that your skill and expertise has created. Artistry is not normally a term you would have associated with video games in the past, but nowadays it is very much a relevant term when describing aspects of the gaming world.

It is the incredibly complex programming and powerful machines which have allowed computer games to provide such unpredictable gaming patterns, and therefore scope for a wide range of results. The subtleties of a video game are so hard to pick up on now, that when you do it is an incredibly satisfying feeling when you do perfect these techniques to improve your skill levels that much further. As it is for a gymnast when they finally land that front flip, it is great to be able to demonstrate your skill on a video game when you have finally overcome a certain challenge. It is a way of expressing and exhibiting a difficult ability you have managed to perfect.

Another way in which the video game can allow for excellent levels of expression for the user, is that it can delve into the realms of fantasy. Of course, games don’t have to be realistic, which means all forms of unthinkable things can be achieved. Where else can you summon dragons, leap at lightning speed from building to building, or transform yourself into beast form? Certainly not in real life, which gives video gaming even greater scope for the expression of imaginative, creative ideas.

Probably the greatest advancement for video game players in terms of expression, though, must be the implementation of online gaming. In most walks of life, it is only the people at the top of their profession who get to show off their skills to a large audience. For instance, it is only really the multi platinum selling musicians that get to play their music to packed stadiums, or the brightest artistic talents who get their work into the most famous of galleries. Those who still love their professions but aren’t at the top of their game yet will find it very difficult to express their talents to a large audience.

This is very different for gamers, thanks to the phenomenon of online gaming. Now gamers can upload their best clips, play against people from all over the world, and also chat and socialise with them. There are very few other activities where this can be done. Now, that top corner goal you scored on FIFA after that superb flowing move can be seen by millions. You may have achieved this sitting in a friends lounge, but this expression of skill can be viewed by almost anyone. It is a powerfully emotive feeling knowing that what you have just produced can bring joy to such a large number of people.

The combination of almost limitless boundaries, the perfection of skills, and the ability to share this with all corners of this world, means that video games now offer the most incredible way in which to express yourself. Traditional activities for displaying artistry and skill still remain, and stay very important in today’s world, but they now have a virtual rival that is looking to sweep them to one side.