Video Game Testing Jobs – How to Earn a Living Playing Video Games

Video game testing jobs are by far some of the most sought-after jobs, since every young (or old) gamer dreams of a job in the games industry. So what does a tester do? They often spend their time playing video games that haven’t been released yet, working flexible hours, and often working from home. Welcome to the wonderful world of being a video games tester!

While this might sound like an easy job, there are a few difficulties that go with it, and not everyone can do it. You must have an undying love gaming, and a good knowledge of the industry. Since your job will be testing games, and not just playing them, you will often be given a list of things to test, as well be told to look for bugs. You will then have to document your progress

First of all, the amount of competition is intense, so even getting a job testing in the games industry is rather difficult if you are unprepared. Since every job is so highly desired, it can be difficult to get noticed. To do so you must separate yourself from the pack. When going into the industry, you need to decide if this is something that you want to do as a career, or just for a short time. If you want it to be your career, do you want to be a games tester forever, or do you want to progress up the ladder of success, possibly moving into a games designer role one day? Whatever it is, it’s good that have a think about it before you start applying, as many interviewers for video game testing jobs will ask you this.

Testing games for a living can be an extremely fun and rewarding job, especially when you get to play the latest blockbuster game months before it’s released!


Backup Games Like a 2 Minutes Noodle

Are you someone who is interested to know how to backup games in hurry? The Xbox and PS3 are ruling the world of games. So it’s obvious to know that when you see a game you will be forced to have a backup to protect it. And to tell you a fact that it is legalised too. Such games are in huge demand these days.

First of all you should give a try to mod chip to backup games. This mode is easy and can be fast too. On internet many such sites are available which tells you about how to carry on such processes. GameCopy Pro software is something which teaches you how you can enjoy playing games on your computer without using the modchip. It is pretty efficient.

Many sites even offer a step by step guide wherein you can backup games with ease. In case of any problem you can ask expert’s opinion on that particular query. You just need to pop the disc into your DVD or a CD drive and click burn. In fraction of seconds the task will be done. Just be careful that the memory of your computer is fast and is not overloaded as it will make the process slow.

The GameCopy Pro software will do the thing of backup games. Online process might prove to be a bit too long and complicated. If you are an expert in this field then you should carry out with it as iso-burning and image-mounting might be tough for beginners. The software justifies with the process as it’s cheap and easily available too. You get the value of it by saving your games. If by any chance the game gets spoiled the backup is always there.


Perfect Hints In Buying Electronic Sudoku Games

Sudoku now is very popular among a lot of people, especially gamers. This game is very interesting related with the great challenge in using your logic in filling numbers into the correct orders. Usually, a lot of people buy books of Sudoku games collection to play it. Nowadays, you can also find game collection in electronic version that is offered in hand held design. Therefore, you will not bother to bring your pen and book anywhere to play this game.

In order to get the most appropriate electronic Sudoku game for you, it will be better for you to consider these several important things. Those things will be very useful to help you get higher pleasure and fun in playing the game. Are you ready? Here they are.

First, you need to determine the type of batteries that you need to play this game. Choosing electronic game with batteries will be much recommended since you can find the replacements anywhere. Simply visit some convenience stores and you will get a lot of types of battery that matches your device well.

Second, you need to consider the size of the game. If you plan to bring this game during your mobile activity, choosing a product in smaller size will be recommended. However, products in smaller model might come in smaller monitor, buttons, or touch pads. It means, you might find some difficulty in seeing the image or pressing the button.

Third, you have to decide whether you are going to choose a product that should be operated with its pen-like tool or simply choose a product that could be operated though its touch pad. You can also choose a product with button to choose and place the number into it right grid. You may take longer time to finish a game when you are using a product with buttons, However, products with pen-like tool also has great risk of misplaced.

Now you are ready to choose your most appropriate electronic Sudoku game. Get a certain product that matches your considerations well so you can enjoy your time to play this interesting game.


Wireless Gaming Headset – Enjoy Playing Your Games!

Tired of having to stay in one place all the time while playing games? Tired of all the wires you have to handle? Want to be able to move around freely while playing yet stay in touch? Well with a wireless gaming headset you can! It has enhanced sound effects that let you enjoy your game to the fullest without having any difficultly playing.

It gives you precise audio that lets you hear your audio as if you are in the game. It allows you to take control of your game by personalizing the sound to your ears only without any disruptions from anyone or anywhere.

The sound quality is simply brilliant lets you hear everything with pure clarity, nothing for you to complain about. Also, the mic works like a charm also. Just as you can hear clearly, others will hear everything you hear as clear also. Furthermore, if you have you say something you don’t want others to hear, go ahead and mute the mic, a feature that is quite beneficial. It is easy to install, and start using. Also, knowing how to adjust the microphone levels is also quite simple.

Also, if you are one those people who enjoy playing games for multiple hours, then you do not have to worry about the battery dying on this headset. The battery life if brilliant and can last you a whole day with decreasing in performance. Some of the flaws of the wireless gaming headset can be as described. Installation of the headset can be difficult if your gaming device does not recognize it. It may refuse to work/run if not installed properly. Also, the charging cord that will be attached to the receiver is quite short so it can be difficult to recharge while playing.

Furthermore, the play button on the headset will pause the music for you, which may be nice, but to resume playing you have to open the media player and play your music again. Lastly, if you have a Mac computer it may not work with some wireless headsets.


Get a Creative Attitude by Playing Dress Up Games

As we are in the world of technological population where everyone is more into technology. Most of us are technological savvy, as we are keen to have the latest updated one. While this may sound bit different but we need to have a look on appearance and looks. Like our kids always are attracted by colors, same way, we should also think that ways sometimes. To keep our generation creative, we must ensure that children play Dress Up Games, which are really fantastic. These make over games are popular among kids, who loves different shades and flashy colors.

Makeover Games are mainly played by girls, but even boys enjoy them. It is about how an individual dress in real life and then being resembled as same in the game. Dressing games are used to enhance kids imagination and creativity. The major popularity lies between age 2 to 8. At this age, a kid fantasize the most about real characters, hence playing these make over games can really help a kid’s growth. Kids tend to pretend what they come across in their life. These make over games can be of real help if played with right direction.

What parents have to do is to help their kids to have a better life and to create an attitude throughout the life. Parents can help kids playing the online dress up games, which are available in lot of websites. There are various websites offering these Dress Up games for kids. The kind of make over games available on these websites help how a kid think the way he is.

Moreover, there are so many makeover games available that will allow your kid to experiment with different clothing styles and colors. It can be taken as a great tool to teach your children about style, also to know about their interest and the way they think. Hence, online dress games are a fantastic way to learn the type of style you want your child be a like. It is also an informative way to experiment with different makeover styles, and enhance your kid’s imaginative and creative thinking. So, everyone should help his kids and play with them too.